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Walter, I found this interesting and would like to know if, in the research you mention, it really is the same muscles or if it is different muscles being used to achieve the same effect. The reason I ask is that after being introduced to Pilates I started using their "go down to go up" principle in order to raise my arms for shomen block or raising a sword. The sense I have, besides having very different intent (it feels like the pointing OUT THERE that George describes) is that I'm activating the lats and other non-shoulder/arm muscles and the arm is simply being allowed to rise almost like a counter-balance, very relaxed in a sense but with extension.
Drat I have to go offline for a couple of days...look forward to your reply...
We are not necessarily talking about the same things. Use of the connective tissue and fascia for transferring power is not the same thing as merely well integrated muscle movement...

One of my friends told me the following story... He was at a System Seminar with Vladimir Vasiliev. After class one of the students was showing his buddies some kettle bell exercises. This guy was pretty much a beast, lifting God knows what over his head with one arm. He was doing some serious weight and it was difficult even for him and he was a big guy. Vlad walked over, grabbed the thing and effortlessly whipped the thing over head, very much as if he had simply raised his arm. Then he said "you are working too hard", set it down and walked off. I asked my friend how he was able to do that and he said it was a combination of a conditioned structure along with breath. Breathing was totally connected to the whole thing.

Anyway, this is the difference between muscle power and what we have been calling "internal power" in the forums. It is not just integrated muscle movement but muscular relaxation is required. There are some different paradigms operating out there and folks who haven't experienced them pretty much don't get it until they feel it. I am just starting to play with this stuff myself but guys like Mike S and Dan H or my Systema friends, can do some wild stuff.

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