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Re: The Iron Hand Technique ( Illustration )

Only in the West back during a time when the level of martial arts was pretty low and "judo" was considered high-tech.
Interesting perspective Mike...Never really thought about this perspective. No disrespect to Bruce Lee, but today, his ideas are not so revolutionary. I think he'd be pretty happy with the evolvement of martial arts, particulary in the MMA arena, which alot of exciting things are going on. The internet of which is playing a part in big time in getting people together and talking about MA in general.

Chuck, I should have some time in July to get up your way after the rotations are over with here at CMTC. Would love to talk and train with you instead of just talking over the internet occassionally.

I guess I would somewhat disagree with the KI concept Mike proposes, or maybe not, it is really kinda abstract, philosophical, and sematics plays a huge part...and that makes it difficult to express on a forum. KI is in everything, from my point of view, it is what organizes the universe. It is not really all that mysterious, I think quantum physics is the closest to explaining it. Can you "channel it", throw it, project it...I think not. Can you gain a mental picture of it? certainly, can you gain an awareness or consciousness about it...yes. Can you undestand how your body relates to it, and moves in relation to the rest of the world...yes.

I have never seen a bright light, or felt my fingers tingle, but on a rare occassion, I have felt a deep sense of connection with my training partners, not mystical...but when the mind, body, and soul come in sync with everything else in the situation...the sweet spot is wonderful!
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