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Re: Vowel Pairs: 'ai', 'ei', etc

Eh, perhaps I mispoke about the Korean language. I was told this by a Vietnamese native, who spoke Chinese and English as his second and third language. I merely took his word for it, as he is more experienced in that general area of both the world and language. Perhaps he is just getting old

As for the "borrowing the word Kanji," yes, I'm sure it would make some Chinese blood boil (and quite possibly some Japanese), as I understand their mild dislike for each other . However, no matter how they like it, its a viable (yes, still possibly stupid) question even if the answer is a resounding "no". And yes, I am just babbling to defend myself! However, I have yet to see a Chinese person who acts indignant about the word 'Zen', though I believe the Chinese term is 'Chan', at least in relation to Buddhism. Perhaps this is only because nobody over here in America would understand what the hell 'Chan' is, but we widely recognize 'Zen', and I have yet to travel to China and put this theory to the test. I don't have any plans to either - neither my Aikido or self defense in general is that good yet

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