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Re: Wii Fit...

As a developer I've actually thought about the ability to use the wii \ wii fit for an aikido training simulation type game... There are a number of issues that I've come up with. Take a simple irimi-tenkan movement if you do it properly most of you body will be off the wii fit board and getting it recognize correct positioning would be difficult. Not to mention when you turn you body and thus the wii-mote away for the T.V. you would lose the wii-mote sensor (or at least not be able to tell which way it's facing)

Kevin search for the "homebrew channel". There are several "Hacker" groups who are focused on bringing home built apps to the Wii... Realize if you do add homebrew software to your wii you take a legal risk along with a risk of ruining you're wii based of future wii updates

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