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Re: Investing in loss (yielding)

Sounds much like what I do Mike. I think the best overall word to describe it would be non resistance.

Without having much experience of such things yet wanting to understand it and where it would lead then I would say to you that the first thing to recognize is that non resistance is not just for uke but just as important for nage. So it's not just about being a version of yielding but also it's 'opposite' which also comes from non resistance.

To see where it would lead I can offer a couple of others examples that you can look up rather than just mine.

For example one guy you can view on youtube came up with a term which describes well the resistant part of you, the part that opposes and he calls it the limbic system. You can test it for yourself and see how it kicks in as an almost automatic response. Then you can see what he does with non resistance rather than that and how he describes it. Kakushitoride is the name to look up there.

Actually using non resistance you would have to do in order to see what happens but it can lead to various things. For example I see many who use it to a degree but then explain how they use 'explosive' power or such like which is not non resistance and so the two are mixed by some.

I would break it down into a few categories here for you just for the sake of this thread ie: how non resistance can be used.

1) To envelope and take over completely.
2) To pierce through.
3) To lead.
4) To cut through, to open.
5) To blend with.
6) To give nothing. (active)

Thereafter you will find that when someone feels the effect they will all report differently as to what you were doing, aware of 'power' but assuming the rest usually.

For example if you used non resistance as in number 1 above then those who felt it would report how strange and soft it was yet like they were cariied by it.

If you use number four they may say how they felt completey done, ended, yet in number six they would report how they felt they were running into a brick wall.

In number 5 they may report how it felt like nothing. Plus more I might add but I think you'll get the gist.

My two pence.

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