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Diana Frese
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Re: Hitori Geiko, an Aiki Perspective

This article has been a great reassurance to me that many times in the past, when I was regretting not being able to do keiko, what I was doing along with and during regular daily activities was also keiko. And that watching seminars at a nearby dojo even during years when I was not actively training was also keiko, mitori keiko.

At first I felt bad not to be on the mat with the others, but then I remembered ballet dancers still attend the ballet, even after they have retired. So I started really enjoying watching, and after a while I started identifying with the waza, as if I myself were out there too....

This is just an example of the many happy thoughts the column has inspired, and each time my husband and I manage to fit an aikido technique in the busy schedule, (futari geiko!) out in the driveway or the yard, it's another step forward to getting back on the mat with others....( " taninzu gake" ... )

Thanks again, Francis for another column that awakens so many facets of understanding... (By the way, did you skip writing a column this month?) Well, I was planning to comment on this one too even if you had written a new one, after giving it enough thought, and I practiced writing about it in my own blog. I guess that's hitori geiko for writers, and I really appreciated your comments and Carina's there too!

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