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graham christian
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Re: Hitori Geiko, an Aiki Perspective

Hi Francis.
Yet again I learn more terminology. Hitori geiko. Keiko.

I fully agree with your column though, well put.

I would add though that many people in life let alone Aikido can be put off by failure.

I say this because as a solo exercise a person starts off doing it, running through how they will perform a move or technique and when it comes to it things don't go as planned. Therefore I would like to remind people that it is not a failure but merely a result of your level of understanding.

It is indeed a good test for your own understanding for the more you truly understand then the more things go as you envisioned.

I loved the irimi analogy also. This I find happens when I am applying all my understanding to some problem and yet to no avail. Time to sit in stillness and enter to see what I'm missing.

Keiko, as you said being called 'polishing of the old' I liked too.

I suppose I've equated that or labelled it as a condition of review in myself.

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