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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

Yet most many of the arts being discussed rely on sticking, stickyness, weight transfer, balance, mobility and taking center, absorbing ans redirecting, as well as atemi and ate waza, and locks, throws and chokes, it is not so different as a Ferrari powering a train though a chevy drive train. It's much simpler than that.

Another case in point -which I guess is experiencial- is just how many teachers have said. I can use that, I can see that in use in what we do...over and over.

Toby's points that are well made is that certain waza were probably created around certain internal applications being prequisit . And then were used as a mechanism to teach it. I think that's a point he made to me elsewhere as well, and its a good one. But it is singular to an art. I has asked him to consider the fact that there are more than likely many of "those singular things" everywhere, and many/ most would be just as relevent in the practiced fluidity of any art. Further that the results from one of those may be trained in solo or other paired forms-maybe with better results.
He can be and is more open in P.M. about some rather interesting things they do in that regard than on the net. He still has an obligation- as to be expected.
Overall, I think its easier to discuss body arts than weapon arts. There is far too much in common with two bodies contesting in a grappling format than with anaologies of engines and different drive trains that are all over the map.

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