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Allen Beebe
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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?


I'm guessing that Doug doesn't disagree with you. He is making a slightly different point.

Using the engine metaphor, if one has an engine they can use it to make any number of things (motor vehicle, train, airplane, etc.). Basically an engine is a mechanism that facilitates the release of energy to create a specific type of mechanical force (if I'm not mistaken). Doug's point is that some engines and some engine driven mechanisms are specifically designed for each other. The potential benefit of this mutual pre-design is easy of use and possibly enhanced efficiency. So a particular Ferrari engine can work in a plane or a bumper car but it will probably work easiest and best in the Ferrari car for which it was designed. Of course the release of energy from the combustion of gasoline is relatively universal.

At least this is how I make sense out of what Doug presented.

Now if all I had was a engine using mechanism with no engine I'd be happy to get either an engine or the technology to create an engine. Then I could either convert the engine, or the mechanism, or make my own engine. Either way, maybe this is Doug's point as well, I'm retro engineering. Probably I won't come up with exactly the same thing as the original design, but maybe I'll come up with something even better! Who could tell? Certainly not I since I wouldn't know what the original was in the first place.

So you see, it all comes back to "What is Aikido, or Daito Ryu, or truth? Or, "What is Aiki and is that the force what holds a certain Aikido Action Star's hair piece on during those violet action scenes?


~ Allen Beebe
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