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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

Christian Moses wrote: View Post
If it was my dojo to do with as I please, I'd just scrap the whole concept of "aiki" for a while and focus on basic bodywork (Aunkai basics) and basic jujutsu (with a big focus on kuzushi skills and awareness). After that foundation was in place, we could start looking at aiki.
Yep. Basically what I'm doing.

Allen Beebe wrote: View Post
As for me, I think it is interesting that many, if not all, of the students that trained exclusively (the vast majority of their instruction and hands-on experience coming from O-sensei) or extensively with O-sensei, some how do a "different Aikido" than the "new *teaching methodolgoy/paradigm*" attributed to O-sensei by his son. How could that be?
That's an easy answer. They learned Daito ryu. They sure didn't call it "Aikido" until that name was designated later. And they all did different things, just like the Daito ryu students who came from Takeda.

Allen Beebe wrote: View Post
Then there is the practical approach . . . Chris and I and many others I suspect have been told, "That's not Aikido!" Which raises the question, "What is Aikido?" And the (often unspoken) answer is almost always, "The Aikido I'm doing (of course)!" And I'm guessing this isn't going to change any time soon!
Yeah, but anymore if someone says "That's not Aikido", I tend to take it as a compliment.

As someone told me, there's Budo Wallpaper and there's those that stand out from it. I guess I'd rather take a step outward, fall flat on my face time and time again than lean, or be stuck against the wall. I'm just stubborn like that. It's the Scottish blood in me, I think.

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