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Krystal Locke
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Re: Aikido against strong people...

Cherie Cornmesser wrote: View Post
Speaking as a strong person who many newer students feel is impossible to throw,

No. Using more muscle to try to force the technique won't work. What it will do is tick off the strong person and potentially get you punched. Not that I ever punch beginners but boy sometimes when a newbie is cranking as hard as they can and all the while they have me locked in place sending force straight down my leg, making it nearly impossible to move, it can be hard to resist.
I have always wanted different tapping out methods that mean different things. I'd like taps that mean:

1. Yes, perfect, oh holy crap, please stop now. Wow, how did you do that?

2. That just hurts, but you dont have my balance and I can counter you. We should stop and try again.

3. I can tell you're working really hard, but you are so far off base that this is really not going to end with anything but your overconfidence and my frustration, and maybe a torn gi.

4. Your pin sucks, but you are blissfully unaware that you are kneeling on the edge of my breast. Please stop 10 seconds ago.
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