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Re: Aikido against strong people...

Sean Jefferies wrote: View Post
I was wondering if any of you have experienced trying an aikido move on a strong person and having it not work?

Do aikido moves always work, or only with certain people if you catch the off guard?

Also what would you do then, apply more force, change to another move or something else completely?

Just curious, as I've had varying results with different moves, which could entirely be down to me not executing the move correctly.
First, I always tell my students that it is never just a matter of strength. Any uke of any skill can thwart any throw at any time. Period. Just consider that if you have decided to practice a throw from mune-tsuki. At any time, uke can just simply decide not to throw a punch. And so, even the agreement on an attack is already a matter of cooperation. It then becomes a matter of taking that initial cooperation to some conclusion.

Second, realize that we all connect to others at a very unconscious level (through empathy). Just yawn or turn your eyelids inside out and gauge the reaction The main reason why using less effort is so often (appropriately) advised is because when nage relaxes, uke naturally relaxes.

Last, we've all resisted techniques. Think back to your mindset when you did. It was invariably because nage was treating you a bit more like a tackling dummy than a team member. You might have actually feared for your safety - or perhaps you wanted to show them up for being so darned inconsiderate. A big, big part of Aikido is the art of connecting - and that's what often takes ten years to learn.

And so, after 30 years, when I sense that someone is starting to resist, I just lean in and whisper - "relax". And all is well.

Jim Redel BHC Aikido
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