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Re: Aikido against strong people...

Sean Jefferies wrote: View Post
Oh ok that makes sense.

One such instance I'm talking about is when i tried kotegaeshi against a guy that was a bodybuilder it just didn't work. I've never had an issue with this technique with weaker people. Which makes me wonder if aikido people at least subconsciously put moves into order of effectiveness, in the given situation. If so I'd be intriged to hear what mental ordering systems they are using.
Well there is another thread on spontaneity - once you start ordering then all is lost.

Kotegaeshi is one of those techniques that is easy to resist even if you are not a body builder unless you take the balance first where the natural response is to open your hand.

Take a normal size person and have them clench their fist as hard as they can and try to move their wrist.

Take the body builder and have him extend all his fingers and try to move their wrist.

I will bet you wont succeed in the former but will in the latter.

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