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Re: Aikido against strong people...

Sean Jefferies wrote: View Post
I was wondering if any of you have experienced trying an aikido move on a strong person and having it not work?

Do aikido moves always work, or only with certain people if you catch the off guard?

Also what would you do then, apply more force, change to another move or something else completely?

Just curious, as I've had varying results with different moves, which could entirely be down to me not executing the move correctly.
Consider it a training opportunity - lots of drills and exercises do just that.

If you mean in a non-training environment you have to remember that aikido is like a tool-kit. What you do depends on the circumstance which includes the size of your opponent and what they are doing.

Applying more force - is probably too late if you have already realized you did not apply enough.

Switching techniques is pretty much half of what aikido is all about. In a non-compliant situation I expect half of the initial techniques will not work - timing only has to be a little off. You are expected to switch to something else.

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