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Re: I broke a toe.

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Go to the dojo and watch classes. Do what you can, can you get on the mat for warm ups minus the rolling? Can you do basic Kihon exercises with the rest of the class. Can you do techniques and not take falls.
I have had several injuries over my 9.5 years of Aikido also, broken collar bone two months into my training that required two surgeries for a plate fixation, several broken toes, and a bone broken in the top of my foot from pivoting on some super soft sticky mats.. (my body turned, my foot didn't)
Each time I got on the mat and did what I could and if I couldn't do, (as the case with the collar bone) I went and watched and took notes. You really do notice a lot of things when you watch.
Currently I am sometimes sidelined by Gout Flair-ups, I do not let this stop me, I am allowed on the mat to do what I can and if it gets to be too much, I am allowed to sit down for a bit and get back on the mat when I can. We all if studying Aikido long enough get injured or our bodies age and are limited more than when we started. The point is to not let it get you down and realize what you can do and learn.
I feel working through these situations is what Aikido is all about, mental randori, overcoming limitations and preforming to what you can do at that moment.
I plan on continuing my aikido journey for many years to come, there is plenty of time, why rush yourself!
Thanks Joan. I've been doing just this. I mainly have to get the muscles strong again, which involves activities like scrunching a towel with my toes. Since gripping the mat requires the same muscles, I've been doing pretty much any movement, at a cautious pace, that doesn't involve falling. When I pass on doing a technique I help junior people instead, which senior people have encouraged. Everyone at the dojos have been greatly helpful, which has been fantastic.

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