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Re: YouTube: Senshin Center New Video

Duane Garvin wrote: View Post
I found these on youtube (I got tired of looking and settled on these):

I found the following one had a couple examples of tsuki knife takeaways that appear to be far less risky IMO (the first couple of techniques.. the kotegaeshi has too large of a circle IMO but whatever works ( I also don't practice like the following either)):
Yeah, these are the moves I think everyone should do that experiment I mentioned above prior to calling them not "too risky."

Experiment: Have your partner come in and thrust as fast as they can and immediately thrust again - see if you as nage can grab their wrist.

Note: One can do this against mune-tsuki and get the same insights/results.

Again, I'm not saying these moves in the above linked video are impossible to pull off, or that folks in reality don't ever leave their arms out like in tsuki training in Aikido, but I am unwilling to categorize them outside of the "too risky" category. For me, they remain well within it. The experiment I'm suggesting makes that point for me, and, I feel, for anyone else that tries the experiment.


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