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Re: Active Ukemi

Ukemi is personal. It was suggested to me early in my training to primarily focus on Ukemi for the first six years. This was valuable advice. I believe I have learned as much if not more as uke as I have learned as nage. It is a living excercise with different people and is constantly being adjusted.

My understanding of good ukemi is being aware of:

-Giving a strong, honest and sincere attack.
-Nage's movement, experience, implied intentions
-Getting safe and if possible ahead of the attack
-Nage's openings and reversal opportunities
-Where I am on the mat in relation to others that are training around me.
-Staying continuously alert and connected to nage throughout the specific training session.
-Controlled breath and relaxation. Among other things this helps to avoid getting in my own way or being heavy footed and putting myself in danger.

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