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sjl001 wrote:
I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on Yoseikan Budo as a style? As compared to other styles? I am not interested in a debate about which style reigns supreme, but info that will help me understand stylistic differences. This is the style I have the oppurtunity to study and although I have read and been given descriptions I would like to call upon the experience of those involved here so that I may get a broader group of impressions of Yoseikan Budo.



Hi Justin,

I might be able to help you out. I have a 3rd dan in Yoseikan Aikido and 4th kyu in Yoseikan Iaido. Also I have been to the Hombu and spoken to Minoru Mochizuki and some of his students.

As you know, Yoseikan Budo is a mixture of different Japanese martial arts. Students are encouraged to learn not just aikido but karate, judo and weapons. The goal is to develop well rounded martial artists.

From a technical point of view, I would say that Yoseikan style looks more like jujitsu than aikido because of the amount of jujitsu, karate and judo techniques in the syllabus. Interestingly, Minoru Mochizuki calls his art Nihon den jujitsu.

The aikido techniques are more linear than traditional aikido. Almost all techniques have the provision of changing into a judo throw, choke or karate strike.

What you find in a Yoseikan class will depend on the teacher. Some teachers are more developed in Judo and others karate so the training system can vary from school to school. For example, my teacher is also 6th dan in Yoseikan karate so we have a lot of karate techniques and training exercises in our school.

Yoseikan teachers often talk about kenkyu (research). Mochizuki incourages his students to find out new and better ways of doing the techniques.

I hope I have been helpful.



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