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Re: Some similarities in Internal Body Skills between Chinese and Japanese arts

"The bones of the legs need to remain stable and the muscles are pulled coiling up and opening on one side and coiling and winding down on the other. But the bones stay straight and therefore the feet are stable. If anything the knees may go back and forth (like in and out from front to back) but never are they pulled with the coiling as to sway side to side with the hips."

pull out the quote. isn't this the same as sanchin stand, i.e. walk like a duck? question though, if the coiling/winding goes up one side and goes down the other side, where is the middle, where the up and down meet? wouldn't the up on one side then down the other side creates a loop, with your body and the earth as two opposite poles? just thinking out loud.

you know, you guys can bicker all you want about who is the expert and so on; however, it's a common knowledge that Asian DNA has the decoder algorithm for IS.
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