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Re: Koshi Nage - Open Stance or Feet Together

I think you have some level of flexibility in the width of feet in a throw. Judo, for example, has many [successful] throws from a variety of foot positions; pillared and wide stances being just two of the positions. I think, more importantly, a successful throw involves the position of the feet to support the partner over the fulcrum of the throw.

My current observation here is that aikido-style koshi nage is not the same as judo-style koshi waza (o toshi). As best as I can tell, aikido koshi nage places great emphasis on over-extending uke and positioning the hip on the lea side of the fulcrum of balance. The judo-style o toshi assimilates uke onto nage and rotates uke over the fulcrum. (Although I have played with some great judo people who do their fair share of over-extending tori).

For koshi nage, I usually teach hips perpendicular to uke and feet in a pillar position, with feet comfortably close to support uke, toes slightly wider then heels and the dominant leg around which rotates uke is [more] heel planted. This is similar to how Fred described his positioning (I think). However, in fairness, when I play with judo people and try this they usually laugh at me and in some derogatory manner ask why I am sticking out my bootie.

No offense to anyone, but I feel aikido koshi nages allow uke to fall; judo koshi waza propels uke. I think this is because the judo applies more rotation in the hips during the throw while aikido kinda throws the hip into uke as an obstacle. I also think judo throws place far more emphasis on "fitting", whereas aikido people are less precise (possibly because of compliant partners). Aikido and judo also have two completely different uke responses. I bring this up since I think we need to distinguish between aikido and judo in describing our preferences.

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