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Re: The point of aikido osae

Tim Ruijs wrote: View Post

How do you mean if my partner more severly employed the pin?

Escaping the pin happens right before the pin is actually executed, so how could your partner make the pin more severe?
Hi Tim.
I took it to mean after being pinned. For instance, when first practising pins it was then the duty of the uke to try and escape from the pin, in other words to test how effective your pin was.

Thus there is much to be learned even on that one thing. I might for example find a way of escaping after being pinned and have all the class befuddled and then along would come the teacher and pin me and I couldn't even move let alone try to escape.

Thus it shows there is even degrees in ability to be learned even in such a thing as a pin.

You probably know this but I think that's what Jon was on about. Anyway that's my take on it.

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