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Re: The point of aikido osae

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Of the seated pins, nikyo, sankyo, and kote gaeshi use one hand to grip the hand/wrist of uke or the gi to trap the arm. The other hand is a te gatana (hand sword). . . Why do you think this is? What could it possibly represent?
Personally I have no clue, but obviously you have the opinion that it should "represent" something. You can't possibly refer to the sword, that seems incredible impractical for a myriad reasons. If it's in the saya, possibly. But Daito Ryu was a mainly unarmed art so I doubt that.

Michael Varin wrote: View Post
In ikkyo, it is easy to release the wrist while maintaining control of the elbow. In fact, I have seen video of Morihei doing this very thing with rather conspicuous hand motions to the back of uke's neck. Unfortunately, I was unable to find it on YouTube, but it is on one of the O Sensei videos that Stan Pranin offers.
Not sure what you are referring to here but in many Japanese jujutsu, it is common to end a technique with a blow. Tegatana is often preferred, it seems. I think I've seen it in Daito Ryu demonstrations too but I'm not entirely sure.

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While, people may have their reasons, I feel it is a big mistake to train the seated pins with a lifting motion. The shoulder should be planted firmly into the ground leaving uke no space to turn towards your body.
Why do you think that? It should, you say. Why?

Personally, I feel that if you want pins that are good for actually holding people down safely with minimal effort you learn them elsewhere than in aikido. I have done seated nikkyo osae and sankyo osae with both downward and upward motion, and I like the upward version very much since they create a training where you kind of give to uke, all the way. It all depends on what you want your training to be. To me, aikido is more of an art form that a martial such. I do other martial arts for that purpose. But that's me...
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