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Re: What is holding you back?

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Why count 'em? Just let 'em all go. Mushin, the state of "no mind", is about acting without the time-consuming process of thinking. Those things you've conditioned yourself to do, but would rather do away with, are still thought about, although at much deeper than at a conscious level. The same practice and repetition that put them there can also take them away. Your "conditioning" can be "reconditioned".
Well, if I did the conditioning then I'm not so concerned about it but it is the conditioning that was done to me when I didn't know it that I'm worried about. Perhaps you can elaborate on how to 'let go' of that which there is no awareness? That is why I plan to 'count' them so I can become aware of the conditioning and decide if I want it as it is or want to change it.


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