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Re: What is holding you back?

Robert M Watson Jr wrote: View Post
While the original post is actually not about kiai I refer those interested in kiai to see this article by our friend Mr. Amdur.

If one is still concerned about kiai re this thread then I submit the forest has been missed for the trees. Perhaps the way we have been taught to read has been conditioned in such a way that the literalist disables comprehension. We can read the words but we miss the message ... I often am so afflicted so I am sympathetic. Certainly rereading several times helps break out of the bonds.Try to look between the lines .. maybe there is nothing there, maybe that is where the meat is even if unintended.

Perhaps I am the dull one and the point is made that since the route towards the realization is flawed what has been discovered along the way is similarly flawed. Well, the greatest discoverys often are the results of great blunders and happenstance but are plenty valid nonetheless.

Thanks for the kind words.
Well, OK, I think I see. My situation was "be quiet, your father's sick" "Don't you talk back, you'll get your father upset and he'll have another heart attack." and so on. Learned not to confront, not to argue, not to stand up for myself. Takes great effort to do so. Some societies have a "don't stand out" approach, and I think this is more prevalent in places like here (NZ) and other Commonwealth countries, where the "tall poppy syndrome" exists. Japan, too - "urusai" - noisy or rude - something you don't want to be called..

We (well, I) don't feel comfortable shouting in a martial arts class, for example, because it's not part of how I grew up. My previous reference to my judo sensei having an unplanned kiai may have been out of place, but what's wrong with doing the breath control/body consolidation/ or getting my "ki" in "ai" without screaming about it?

This only skims the surface, I'm sure - I've read something Amdur sensei wrote about a shout that froze his son in his tracks - one of those "where did that come from" things, but it did keep the boy from running in front of traffic, if I recall correctly. When you "do" a "true" kiai, you won't have planned it, your inhibitions won't block it, and you'll wonder what happened - likely so will those around you.

Hasn't happened to me yet.
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