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Re: Muneta and aiki

Bob Strahinjevich wrote: View Post
Ok; so if we take it as a given that Ruska, Parisi etc of old moved and did things differently....what exactly were they doing (physically) that was different? How is Inoue able to do what he does (in the clips I cited)?
Dear Bob,
The guys I mentioned were doing good solid Judo. People like Abbe Sensei /Kisaburo Watanabe were not bellringers [think Quasimodo ].They had nice posture ,They could move fluidly from attack to defence then to counter attack .Watanabe /Abbe were able to use Renrakuwaza.Ie O Uchi Gari /Tai otoshi, combination waza.If you have done Judo it is not too dificult to defend against attacks,Control of the mans centre line , utilise hip movement /body shifting to defend.Of course one can also use jigotai as a defence.Men like Abbe /Watanabe /Koga and Inokuma were masters at this type of defence.Abbe Sensei in particular rarely used Jigotai.He of course did KYU SHIN DO, a method of judo which was not in keeping with Kodokan judo.Abbe Sensei was also a student of O Sensei.In fact I met him and thanks to him I subsequently started Aikido.
My own Judo teacher [I trained with him for 13 years] was 5 ft 8 maybe 12/13 stone.He was also 90 % disabled.When he walked down the ro ad , he shuffled.In the dojo , he was transformed.In all the years I knew him I never saw him being thrown by anybody.When you attacked him you felt you were hitting a brick wall.He never used big stiff arms or crouched . Sad to say he is not remembered by most .One of his contempories George Kerr has been awarded Judan.
There are some old video of Judo posted on Youtube by Jan Snyders [a Dutch Judoka of the 70s] who trained with Geesink.He also had a twin brother who also trained in Judo
Cheers, Joe.
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