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Re: Muneta and aiki

Christian Moses wrote: View Post
Are you talking about this clip?

It seems that the judo establishment disagrees with your assertion that Muneta is "lacking any real judo skills."

Wiki on Muneta
Dear Christian,
Yes this is indeed the clip I mentioned.
Now as far as Muneta is concerned I judged him and the Dutchman on the vid you presented.Neither of these two judoka imo come up to the standard of Anton Geesink ,Ruska , Kaminaga or Yamashita.Of course with new rules related to awarding points etc to judoka, the judoka nowadays are pretty defensive players especially the big guys. .You can hardly say that the bout between Muneta/the Dutch lad was exciting or action packed.Anton in his heyday would have had no trouble despatching both of these guys. Cheers, Joe.
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