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Re: Muneta and aiki

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quick question, what do you distinguish as Aiki v. aiKi?
The way I use the terms "Aiki" is frame/structure/IP based aiki, so more in line with how Daito Ryu uses the term. If you've read the translation of "Transparent Power" that's basically how I'm looking at "Aiki".

I use the term "aiKi" to describe what's been my experience is described as "aiki" in modern aikido where one blends and extends the energy/momentum/ki of an attacker to the defender's advantage. In the translation "Spirit of Aikido" Ueshiba Kisshomaru seems to assert that the real distinction between Daito Ryu (and other things that came before Aikido) was that OSensei changed the meaning of aiki. His assertion is that if you can harmonize with the Ki of the universe, you will be naturally led to the perfect end scenario. I feel that's been misunderstood as harmonizing with the ki/energy of the attacker. I disagree with this assertion, but feel it's the primary way of looking at aiki in Aikido, so I use the term "aiKi" to emPHAsize the primary role of Ki in this understanding of aiki.

Confusing... Hope that helps though.

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