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Re: Muneta and aiki

Dear All,
I cannot remember a more boring Judo match.Both of these guys were in my opinion lacking any real judo skills. Muneta was upright , so his posture was a bit better than the Dutchman.The Dutchman was leaning like the tower of Pisa.Neiher of the two put in any Big Shots. Muneta never one tried Uchi Mata, Seoi nage >The only time I saw a half decent attempt was the KoSoto gari by The Dutch guy.There was no groundwork attempted by either.Absolutely boring match.Like watching paint dry.
If anyboy wants to see a Judo match, where one man is up against a man who outweighs him by stones/and is younger, take a look at Kenshiro Abbe vs Joe Robinson,
Cheers, Joe
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