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Re: Muneta and aiki

2) ~2:10 you see his body enter fully as a unit. He doesn't need to step and regain himself, his whole frame simply pops forward about a foot. Again, I'm not saying, "Yup, clearly IT" but I do consider a movement like that to be indicative of genuine frame/structure. I don't however think it's necessarily "Aiki" because of how the movement affects (or doesn't affect in this case) van der Geest. Hard to say on a video.
Hmm. I think it's just an artifact of the way Muneta attempted the foot sweep / entry. For example, take a look at this Osoto-gari clip -

Look at the shadow uchikomi practice at say, 0:30, Then see how it maps onto the throw at 1:30, 2:12 etc. Not everyone does osotogari quite like that, so not everyone looks like they're entering with "the whole frame"

BTW, I think this clip of DaCosta shows another good instance of these things (though I admit I have somewhat of a fascination with him)

OTOH, compare to what you see here at 4:04 - this, I would consider a pretty interesting action-reaction

3) ~2:30 Here you see vdG basically bounce off of Muneta's frame, he comes in for a throw and hits a wall that sends him down. I think you could make the case that this indeed was Aiki. Frame affected the other person very dynamically. It's video, we'll never know, but it's interesting.
I think he just made a poor entry into a throw / Muneta stuffed it; his leg position is 'off'' if you look at how he (vDG) ends up on the floor at 2:31

4) ~3:20 van der Geest is clearly leaning way forward but Muneta is nearly perfectly vertical. Yup, again, good indicator. Good stuff...
Perhaps, Equally likely is that vDG employs a more European style of play, using unorthodox stance, grip and entries Eg:


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