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Re: Aikido: Your purpose in life ?

John Davis wrote:
Fascinating thread folks. Jiawei, your story of your beginnings in Aikido are very interesting. I am glad you found Aikido instead of a mission as a Kamakazi. One of my great uncles was on a battleship in the Pacific and they had quite a few attacks to fend off. I would not like it if he or one of his shipmates had to shoot you down.

Does Aikido give me purpose in my life? Sure, but so does my wife, my children and my church and community. It is all a part of life, as I choose to live it. Would my life have as much purpose without Aikido? Probably. It has been some time since I could practice regularly in a dojo so I can't say that missing that comaradery and environment would make me feel bad, as I am already missing it, but feel ok about myself.

I would say that Aikido has informed my life and helped me realize a greater value to life and the things I have in it. Unlike some people who live for their jobs (like many Real Estate Agents and Brokers I know), Aikido is not MY life. It is, however, one of the parts that makes life fun.

I am glad that you found a purpose in Aikido, Jiawei, I truly am. O Sensei's art is truly a gift to the universe.
Hi John, hey , that wasn't my story -that was Akira Tohei Sensei's beginnings from Aikido online ! Haha !! No Aikido is not my sole goal for living . This ....I've explained in several threads earlier....the question of Aikido as being the purpose of life sparked curiousity in me because I read the interview with Sensei Tohei from Aikido online...hee. I don't intend to be Uchi Deshi. Not yet at least.
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