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Re: Aikido: Your purpose in life ?

Hey Guys ,

the only reason why I asked this question is simply becasue I remember a sensei saying how he has lost the purpose in his life when Japan lost the war. Then he found Aikido..... I caouldn't remember his name or where the article is anymore which is why I did not mention this in my first read too much into my post. And its not very nice to suggest I am under some kind of cult influence. For the info I have not practiced Aikido for 2 years although I plan to after my studies.

AND I AM NOT STUPID. What is this nonsense about the lack of intellectual content of mty first post. Can't I just pose a question out of curiosity if there were any who view aikido as their purpose in life ? Can't I just be curious if there would still be any who would want to be Uchi Deshi ?


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