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Re: Are you invincible if you possess Aiki?

I would raise the argument that we (aikido community) will tolerate, and even positively comment on a video of someone performing, say ribbon aikido. Or dum aikido. Or start/stop compliant uke kata. Yet, as soon as a conversation of aiki comes up, "well, I would need to see it work to believe it." Really? do you think drum aikido works? Where are the street application videos? Or, zombie aikido, or kata aikido vids? There are none. We are talking about aiki movement and aikido movement, let's keep our evaluation process fair and stop pivoting our evaluative criteria.

Second, I have tried communicating that I believe aiki in aikido is actually very rare. I think the lack of video evidence is supportive of that belief and I am not surprised that good videos of aiki are hard to find. Why do we keep throwing up instruction vids to scrutinize? All that is happening is that we are recognizing that the videos don't support IP movement while putting someone under a microscope without even given in the subject the option to respond to a video that may not reflect what we are discussing, let alone the age of the video or skill of the subject in the video. I am unclear from where the feeling that the aikido community is obligated to provide a video for consumption concerning a point of discussion is coming. There are training aspects in aikido we discuss all the time without requiring video. The problem, I think, is that IP is something that actually is foreign to many so there is not common experience on which to draw.

Third, I am consuming this thread as an inquiry into the benefits of IP training, and the differences between IP and "regular" training. It's a compare/contrast conversation. For me, that is first a fundamental question of whether you believe you have aiki, and second a question of training to develop that skill. I think many people believe they have aiki; what we hear largely from the IP community is that most of us don't. If you don't understand and appreciate that reality, I think this thread is probably hard to follow. If you don't want to explore the issue, why are you even reading the thread?

I continue to point back to the honesty (if not tongue-in-cheek) and playfulness of the thread title, which correctly identifies a separation in experience so unique and to play with the thought of invincibility in movement, which is not actually a bad descriptor of someone who moves with aiki (if somewhat sensational). One could speculate that without that feeling in your movement, it is likely that you are not moving with aiki. For all the words on the internet, it won't change how you move.

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