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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

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Oops Sorry David
His muscles sagging had nothing to do with it-although part of the way power is made manifest is expressed in that "change." It is the meaning behind his release the mountain echo saying. Actually, it is one of the reasons you get more powerful as you get older. Yes, I know you don't understand how or why. That's okay. Look around you...very few budo people do either.

Other guys? Sagawa, Kodo, Shioda, Shirata, Mochizuki, Tomiki...
All had solo training drills for their body. Why? The answer lies in the essential point-one that Sagawa made as well as Ueshiba- in that aiki begins in the body.The current practice and teaching is terribly inefficient and missing critical information. If the current practice and teaching that people are debating and defending has anyone to where Ueshiba was pointing and leading then;
Tell me why they can't explain or translate what he said and do it?
Tell me who has his power.
Introduce me to their students with power.
I have listed a series of questions here many times that no one can resolve or answer. They are clear, clean and precise.

Again, many of the greats (before Ueshiba) all said the same thing, and it matches what was taught in China and in Koryu and Ueshiba was just another guy doing the work and pointing there as well. It is the resolving of energy within you first that creates aiki. Ueshiba went on and on about it. I am quite clearly stating that modern aikido doesn't teach it or even understand what their very founder was talking about...yet....
This work is old and known.
The work is definitive and correct.
The work is accurate, and replicable.
And it made budo giants throughout history.

I'd again state for the record
Find yourself unusually powerful (soft power) men.
Find someone who has verifiable students with power (that means they can teach)
Find more than one.
See what they are doing and talking about.
We...yes I am an active part in this... need to once again make Aikido one of the most powerful arts on earth. To do so, we need to change what is being taught.
Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I think that your statements can be split up into two categories:

1. there is a superior way of practising martial arts (and specifically Aikido) which you cultivate, it is soft, internal etc....
2. your practice is the same practice that the Founder and some of his students engaged in.

My questions are about the second category only. With this in mind, where in "Budo" ( ) does the Founder demonstrate this? In this post:, you say that "There is nowhere he isn't employing aiki". Could you choose a segment of the video (just a few seconds) and explain how, in that segment, the practice is manifested?

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