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Re: Who's missing out? (On "Promotion and advertising" rhetoric)

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Rabble rousing refers to using tactics to make, or try to make, someone feel like they need or else. ie: if you don't do 'a' or have 'b' then you are not one of us or of correct worth or normal or.........I think you get the gist.
Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Now imagine an animal being a scurrilous salesman. It would spend it's time telling all those other females why the other males are not good enough, don't do it right, haven't got what it takes. Sound familiar. All in order to attract them to him.

What a convoluted, complex, negative, destructive way of trying to achieve the same result of attracting.

Same aims, different methods. One natural one not and that's putting it politely.
Rabble rousing? scurrilous salesman? So, let's go back to your original post:

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Promotion and advertising. It appears to me that a lot of what's being talked about Aikido or Aiki wise has degraded into advertising in alignment unfortunately with modern ways of doing things.

The message given by such advertising is that you are missing out, that you must have and if you don't then you are wrong or less than.

Modern Aiki?

Promotion......ahh, gone are the days so it seems where one just promotes what he is doing, happy for those who want to do likewise and happy for those who don't.

Minds led this way and that way by the fear of missing out, shame really.

As I see it it's just unnecessary fodder for the insecure. Funny thing is it's not even needed.

You put it all in context with "Modern aiki". The only person I know who uses the term is me with Modern Aikido. I think you're just using passive aggressive attacks here. And as you have been asked numerous times and have yet to give answers, I'll ask them again:

Would you please define what you mean by " talked about Aikido or Aiki wise has degraded into advertising"? Please point to posts or people.

Would you please define "that you must have and if you don't then you are wrong or less than"? Please point to people or posts. Especially since you've done this kind of passive aggressive insulting before and it's pointed back to me. And now, your post following on my recent posting about what I thought was "wrong" seems very coincidental.

Who are you calling "insecure"?

Your whole post seems like a passive aggressive insult to people here. So, would you mind explaining exactly, specifically, what you meant? Your whole post is about denigrating people who you think are out advertising, rather than talking about history, training, aikido, techniques, etc. Please clarify why that is so. You do so again with your latest post.

You stated that people are degrading because they are talking about advertising or promoting aikido in an unhealthy manner. So, please give us the threads, posts, people where this is happening. If you can't, then please apologize to the aikido community for your denigrating them into insecure salespeople who are driven by fear.

If you won't, then perhaps Jun can lock and/or delete this thread as I see no real purpose for it except to continue your passive aggressive attacks. Especially as I think you're just continuing them from your latest post.