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Re: Testing or not testing...

Uck... I am a few weeks away from testing and I am dreading it! My old style didn't require testing so it wasn't an issue. When I first joined, Sensei told me I would more then likely not test until 3rd kyu. Well, thanks to a certain person, they are now going to test all those who are ready for 5th kyu. I asked if I could not test and I just got "the look". Looks like I will be testing if I show up.....

As far as asking versus not asking. Some look at it as if you are eager to learn. Others look at it negatively as if you don't take their judgement on your abilities to be accurate.

Is there anyone else there who started about the same time as you? Does your dojo require hours and certain techniques? Look around at the people who are at the rank you want to test for. Do you look anything like them (and don't be biased here!)

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