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Arashi Kumomura
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Testing or not testing...

I've been training for a few years now in the same dojo and I have not yet tested for rank. I'm fine with this; I don't feel the need to test and my sensei told me that if I ever showed the desire or asked to test then my sensei would schedule for an exam.

Our dojo is pretty small (which is good for me) and I can understand the reasons for not yet being tested. The other students in my class do have ranks, but I don't think they've been tested since I joined (though I could be wrong about that).

I mostly go to learn as much as I can and to enjoy as I progress. I'm enjoying Aikido and I find the experience to be invaluable. I don't think any of us have as much interest in rank as much as just want to learn as much as we can and enjoy.

I was wondering if it would be a good idea to request an examination and if other people thought it was bad or perhaps irresponsible that I haven't been tested. I was also wondering if anyone could give me advice as to what to expect on a test. Since I haven't technically advanced via evaluation, am I still a rokkyu?
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