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Re: How to teach and train relaxation

Mike Sigman wrote:
Part of my statement was based on the fact that I've seen and trained with Kashiwaya Sensei in the past and I now have something of an idea of Tohei-transmitted concepts through Shaner Sensei.

It may not make some happy I say this but, Kashiwaya Sensei as much as I respect his abilities, is hampered in teaching open seminars by the requirement that he be KNK HQ's representative in North America. KNK's expectation that everyone get on the same page means those seminars are dumbed down quite a bit (IMO) when it comes to the internal aspects. Unless you have been at smaller more informal unofficial advanced student gatherings or closed Ki Society instructor intensives, you haven't seen Kashiwaya Sensie really loosen up as a teacher and show various exercises and stuff.

Did Shaner Sensei do any Q&A ?

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