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Mike Sigman
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Re: How to teach and train relaxation

Craig Hocker wrote:
This is not meant as disagreement because there can always be improvement, but my personal reaction to reading this is my experience of about 15 years is the the Ki Society it is not a monolith.
Hi Craig:

Of course I should have caveated that my observations were based only on what I'd seen of Ki Society of the years. Although I've seen a reasonable amount of people, I can't claim to have seen what I feel is a fully-representative spectrum.

Part of my statement was based on the fact that I've seen and trained with Kashiwaya Sensei in the past and I now have something of an idea of Tohei-transmitted concepts through Shaner Sensei. In other words, I was speaking to my perspective of the *general* Ki Society approach, not each individual dojo or individual instructor, etc. And let me say unequivocably that my impressions are simply opinions subject to change.
Being pretty analytical and a scientist, I am pretty experimental in teaching and working to clairify things all the time and I am tweaking the curriculum all the time drawing on my knowledge, experience, and intuition.
I'd be interested in seeing what you do while still remaining within the confines of the Ki Society dicta. In fact, I'd be interested in seeing the face of a Ki-Aikido person when I did my more-analytic discussions/demos' of what is actually going on.

Frankly, I had mixed feelings about Shaner Sensei (because I was there to critically evaluate; no other reason), but overall I felt like there was a part of him that normally would have been more clinical in his analyses if he hadn't been constrained by his obligations to Tohei Sensei and the Ki Society. And don't get me wrong... in my mind, Shaner is one of the few organizational types that I would consider as a (+) plus to Aikido for his efforts to teach and research these core and difficult topics. Most of the organizational types I'm aware of don't really know much about the subject and are making no great efforts to find out for the sake of Aikido, either. So kudos to Shaner Sensei.


Mike Sigman
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