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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

Dan Austin wrote: View Post
You volunteered without firsthand knowledge that he just hasn't been fortunate enough to have had that transformative experience yet.
That's just not true to my knowledge. My best guess (assuming you are not simply mistaken about who said what or a liar) is that the meaning of something I wrote was greatly misunderstood from what I intended to say. Please provide the cite on that one.

Okay now to address you concerns:
1) I should be thankful my opinions in a feedback forum are tolerated. I am. The fact that there is a feedback forum about the subject I wanted to discuss gave me the idea that posting about it was ENCOURAGED.

2) I am the only one dissatisfied. Okay. Well, what if say 10 other people are also dissatisfied and they all use the logic that since no one has posted about this yet they must be the only 1 so it's not worth trying. In fact, Mark Murray posted about it. He was 1. I saw the thread and posted about it too. That makes 2. MAYBE just maybe a bunch of other people were going to post in as well. I can't know that at the time! Maybe just 1 or 2 people is enough to encourage Jun to think "well changing the name wouldn't be to difficult, seems like a reasonable enough request" or not. Can't know if you don't try.

3) the silly analogy. Okay fine. I didn't say that Jun and I worked for the same political election commitees! If we did, and we were out of synch with 'what was what' I would be concerned - yes...

And stop calling me huffy. I'm getting huffy about THAT!