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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

Hi Dan
Since we seem to agree on the matter-would you mind not referring to me? FWIW, I am by no means alone. We shouldn't lose sight of the fact that these skills are in the Asian arts. I frequently mention there are guys trained in internal methods in DR, Aikido, and the ICMA as well. That way everyone can look in multiple places and form their own opinions. I think we have seen quite enough "cult of personality" in the martial arts. If I thought I was "all that" I'd hang a shingle and be a sensei. I'm sharing on- going research with my equals on this earth. And if you want to consider rank important? These days I am mostly sharing with my betters.
I remain an advocate for the method, not the person. It's far more important for all of us to keep in mine what is right not who is right. That way everyone keeps a strong sense of themselves and their wits about them.
My Aikido V thread was thought out long before I posted it, to respect Jun's reasonable request and to have folks talk about independent Aiki research and how it is affecting their aikido. It was my hope to keep the sources in the background and to highlight more of their training experiences. Jun was correct when certain folks decided to talk about DR to dump it into his NAMT area.
Again though, Rob is not being unreasonable with certain points. He teachers aikido in three dojos. He has determined on his own-trust me, I have zero control over that man-that this aiki is THEE aiki he has experienced in aikido and he is now incorporating and teaching it in his aikido every week. For that reason he wants to discuss it in the aikido forums. I think he and Jun have reached some clarity and understanding of how to make that happen in the Aikido sections. So It's probably a dead issue.
I am not being gratuitous when I say how thankful I am about all of this. It was a daunting task to get the message out-more so through such a flawed method; both me and my writing skills, and certain others. For Jun to come up with a way to try and make everyone happy was quite a task on his end.
Has anyone considered all the complaints and hate mail he got wanting all this banned? I think we all need to really consider the larger picture (yes both sides) and the rather glaringly obvious positve position he took (I've P.M'd him and was surprised) and what Jun had to deal with in making such a decision?.
I'll settle with a place to talk about it outside of aikido, and the burgeoning success of my other goal-to now begin talking about its use in aikido from those training and teaching Aikido.
Again, thank you Jun.
And Dan, thanks for your patience, I'm trying to improve my method of communicating..

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