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Dan Austin
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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

Rob Liberti wrote: View Post
Wink all you like, Dan. The problem I was suggesting was that we could have a separate forum AS WELL AS rename it to ANTHING without the phrase "non-aikido" in it - which seems like it would satify everyone.
You're the only person who seems unsatisfied. Even Dan posted that he doesn't have an issue with it. If more people shared your view, Jun might have made a different decision, but if a single person's opinion should be the deciding factor, it should be his.

Since I kind of notice thread names changing frequently, it really seemed like a simple request that would harm no one.
Again, if he finds it making more work for him then he may come to a different decision. Apparently he prefers to move threads.

As far as my personal faux-pas regarding Jun's background. I got the impression that my thougths about what was aikido was "invalid" and I was having trouble relating to why we would be at odds having a similar background.
So if you're for Obama, he should be too? He's entitled to reserve his opinion about the true nature of Aikido, even if the light from Dan's body hasn't broken through the clouds and bathed him in a golden glow yet. You volunteered without firsthand knowledge that he just hasn't been fortunate enough to have had that transformative experience yet. That's a bit insulting. You don't know what he's done, and maybe he won't get the religion, or won't be quite as rabid about it. He has a lot of practice tolerating different viewpoints, and you're going to find that not everyone is going to convert the way you did. He will always be entitled to have a different opinion than you, and here that means you lose. Your opinion has been duly noted, and the decision rendered for now. In the future, who knows. As Dan has noted, in the future people who question whether internal skills are part of Aikido may well be in the minority, but until then there's no reason to get huffy about it. The way to spread the word is by worrying about what you do on the mat, not obsessing over how things are categorized here. As others have noted, it's enough that the discussion is even allowed.