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Dan Austin
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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

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No one - not even Dan is saying Dan does aikido. But I think it's a bit much to say I am discussing non-aikido when I apply something *I learned from* non-aikido to AIKIDO. Plenty of other names for the forum where suggested which would avoid such a problem.
What problem?

Otherwise, it kind of leaves me feeling like: so am I the head instructor of "shobu non-aikido of connecticut" now?
Maybe the poll of the week should be how many Aikidoka are annoyed by discussions being diverted to internal skills and how everybody other than Dan is an aiki-less weenie. Perhaps those numbers would explain the wisdom of a separate forum. I can tolerate you guys because I have no problem being a bit of jerk too, but many people are much more delicate.

Seriously, I really wouldn't worry about where the threads go, typically the NAMT forum has quite a bit of readership, and many of the most-viewed and interesting threads are there too. As long as the interested people know where to find the posts, that's great. There's even a search function! I can have all Dan Harden all the time if I like! I don't mind yanking people's chains when they're begging for it (like now), but I have to say Jun has shown an admirable level of patience even when you're dragging his meatspace affiliations into the picture. Trust me, if it were my website and people had the nerve to publicly whine about how I ran it, or pontificate about my personal experiences without being in my head, my answer would be f******************************************k you.