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Timothy WK
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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

I hear you Jun, you make the rules.

But just to clarify, I'm arguing something different than the other people here:
  • Others seem to be arguing for a general re-definition of "aiki" as internal skill... Which kinda opens the door to discussing non-aiki sources or methods. You don't want that, which is cool, I get it.
  • I'm arguing that the specific topic(s) of Daito-ryu history, technique, training, etc should be considered the same thing as Aikido. IMO, there is a very close and direct technical and historical link between the two that makes discussion of Daito-ryu extremely relevant to Aikido---in a way unlike any other art (even Judo). Given that Ueshiba practiced Daito-ryu as his primary art---for at least part of his life---I think most of what can be said about Daito-ryu would be things that the Founder practiced himself, or was relevant to his personal practice (I'm one of those people who get tempted to call Aikido "Ueshiba-ha Daito-ryu")... But I'll add that only a handful of people on this board, I believe, really have any sort of authority to speak about "Daito-ryu" (I have extremely little myself).

--Timothy Kleinert