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Re: Aikido as an educational system

Educational system is really defined by those who take up the offer. You can call Aikido what you will but the people that come to our little world - what reason's do they give.

Tomiki/Kano would be very comfortable calling Aikido/Judo an educational system - for it is a system that teaches. Both these men understood the outcome was expected to be more than a collection of techniques but also a method of developing character. I certainly am comfortable with that definition and really Christian Tissier is touching on the same aspect even if my goals may be somewhat different than his.

What I found telling in the interview is that he alluded to the fact that his goals changed as he progressed which I think is very common. Few people go to Aikido because they expect to be taught how to fit better in society although many eventually see the positive benefits beyond the physical.

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