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Re: The same basic teaching

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
But that is not necessarily important to sort out. All of this essentially tantric take on Shinto mythic imagery would have come to Ueshiba in any event from his early Shingon teaching. Tantra views myth as an operative form of knowledge -- placed in use by contemplation in the context of a series of revelatory initiations. Or, as Prof. Goldsbury and others would have it -- IHTBF. One could just as easily fit Aikido into that tantric model of training as anything else. But just IHBTF is not enough standing alone if we are dealing with a tantric type of understanding, because the how or what that one is feeling has no easy comparisons or one-off reductions to simpler terms.
This is not what I actually stated. What I did state was:

"Why is it that language is so necessary for aikido that we need to fill acres of Internet space in discussing the art—and in telling each other with great fluency that IHTBF (It has to be felt): that mere words cannot really explain what aikido is?" (Column 11)

"Even people who appear to believe wholeheartedly in the IHTBF (It has to be felt) doctrine give others verbal explanations of what the latter are supposed to be feeling and assume without question or further explanation that verbally expressed ‘intentions' can be ‘projected' around the body..." (Column 12)

You cannot conclude from these statements that I myself 'would have it that IHTBF'. I am simply noting the paradox that IHTBF also requires complex verbal explanations, in order to explain what HTBF and how IHTBF in a correct way.


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