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Re: Awefully Annoyed

Todd Allen wrote:
I should write another email, just to ask them to send the four and post the other when they get it. I mean they seem to be a good firm, thats why I bought from there in the first place. Maybe I ordered a rare video. I just don't like to be jerked around. I don't want to be rude and cause a hassle.
No you certainly don't want to be rude and being rude will only make you look bad and put them on the defensive. Also, If I read your original reply correctly they have been very polite and respectful to you so far so they deserve to be treated in the same manner.

As suggested before I would either call, or write a very polite email, and explain that you would like the 4 videos that are in stock shipped now and the 5 shipped later.

Perhaps try to get directly to Jake, especially if you call, since you can tell him that he was recommended as a top notch representative of the company.

Similar to the post regarding Bu Jin Design, who I have also had excellent dealings with, companies will go out of their way to make an unhappy customer satisfied as long as you deal with them in a professional manner.

Let us know what happens.

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