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Re: How One Can Run a Successful Independent Dojo

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
As several of these questions involve the mindset of other people, I don't see how they're even answerable - but I look forward to seeing your interpretation and reasoning behind them.
Hi Mary. Thanks for adding to the thread. I think I'm coming from a slightly different angle. I'm looking more for a self-assessment exercise and not so much the collection of concrete data. In that light, it is the perception of the dojocho that I'm interested in bringing to the surface for the reader. For example, one question was, "Do deshi appear fine with stopping during training?" This seems like quite a personal question, one that is best answered by asking folks, "Do you feel fine stopping during training?" However, the point of the exercise is for the dojocho to assess his/her own perception regarding what is or is not happening in the dojo. From there, the dojocho is to compare that perception with or against his/her ideal dojo and ideal Aikido. From there, one is to ask and contemplate upon what is allowing a given aspect to be a part of their manifested dojo or what is not allowing a given aspect to be a part of their manifested dojo. Like this, one brings their ideal dojo into manifested reality. This exercise also brings conscious decision making and awareness to how one's dojo is constructed - something that is innate in the reflection exercise itself and not requiring deshi to be queried.

Anyway, that's where I was coming from. I might be better able to explain it in the next installment.

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