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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

Robert John wrote: View Post
Take a look at the following two vids, and you should see similarities in what's being demoed.
I am a little bit "unsure" about what you want to say showing these video-clips?
The movemtents you point out show Ueshiba doing things which are part of our training all the time.

So do we practice something which only looks like "his aiki"? Then watching videos wouldn't help us to detect the "real thing". (Because we do something looking similar but being something else.)
Or are we practicing "Ueshiba's aiki"? Then the whole debatte about IS wouldn't make sense to me because I do it all the time. ( Which is not the case I think ...)

So sure you can see the skills, you just a) have to know what to look for, b) it helps if you can do this stuff yourself.
So I see things, I cant do myself. But it's not the clue to "Ueshiba's aiki". At least not for me and the poeple around me.

Any thoughts?