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Re: Sugano sensei in Woodstock this weekend

Hi Karen,
Very nice review! I'm sorry I forgot to ask about you folks from Woodstock time we will practice for sure!
Thank you for remain me this nice pass from sankyo to iriminage/kokyunage. I had a lot of trouble with that, it wasn't very intuitive....

Sugano sensei teaching is very fascinating, took me quite a while to adjust my movements, as daily I practice other style.
I think main thing he taught was how to create vacuum in the moment of the contact. I think all the techniques we did had a goal to develop sense of leading attacker before contact. That is why he asked to extend hand in the direction of attacker when attack started. A weapon training was extension of this idea, but he added change of distance and timing to confuse us more and more....LOL
How to invite attacker to cut me making vacuum -- that is the question

We did today these weapons exercises and had a lot of fun. I love idea that attacker must discover himself which par of body he must cut as tori opens his guard. This is very important training of intuition. I believe O sensei did it all time with his uchideshi......
Sensei is a real inspiration for me.


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