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My two and a half years of training in Brazilain Jui Jitsu created a lot of problems with my aikido when I first started (a year and a half ago), and still creates some problems. As I train more and learn aikido's way of movement, my former jui jistu training doesn't create as many problems. I'm not trying to forget what I learned in jui jistu, because it's still useful in some situations, and there's no reason to try to forget it. There are times (especially in randori) when I have a strong instinct to use jui jistu, but it's not a problem until I use it when it's not appropriate.

(edit: by the way, I was also really bad in jui jitsu, so maybe it wouldn't be so much of a problem if I was actually had a decent level of skill in it and learned how to relax)

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